HIRE-OUT: "Hire-Out" work includes weddings,banquets,gallery openings and other one-time performances. Attire and music to be performed are arranged to suit the needs of individual clients.
Hire-Out: 1 hour=$call for quote, 2 hour=$Call for quote, 3rd hour=$call for quote, 4th hour=$call for quote. 5-6 hours will be billed as a "Half Day" =$call for quote. More than 6 hours will be billed as "Full Day"=$call for quote. The Artist will play 45-60 minutes on, 10-15 minutes off throughtout extended events. The "Half Day and Full Day" are Perfect for CONVENTIONS of all types. MAKE Kippy a part of YOUR BOOTH! *Travel outside 100 miles will be billed to the client. For Booking: 1-415-574-5639. 

REGULAR PERFOMANCES: "Regular Performances" are weekly apperances at brunches, bistros,cocktails clubs, and other venues with a guaranteed 3-6 months contract.  Regular performances are 2-3 hours, fearturing the Artist's original compositions, improvisations, and interpretetations ofpopularfavoriteee
Regular Performances 2-3 hrs=Call for quote   All Regular Performances include a tasteful display erected by the artist to promote his albums and services. The Artist requests to be included by name(and image,where possible) in any promotions sponsored by the venue where his appearance is appropriate to the advertising in question. The Artist will reciprocally povide limited advertising of the venue in his promotional campaigns

SIGNATURE SERENADE SERVICE: "Signature Serenade Service is a private performance personalized for a special individual or occasion (Valentine's Day,Anniversary,etc). The Artist will arrive in formal attire,bearing flowers, chocolates,champagne, or other tokens and deliver a moving serenade, according to the theme(s) selected by the client*

Signature Serenade Service = Call for quote* *Flowers,Chocolates,Champagne, or other tokens may be provided by the client or arranged by the Artist at market price. Travel outside 100 miles will likewise be billed to the client.