I am so super excited to present to all of you, my newest cd project "Yesterday's Tomorrow" I wrote this during my healing time from my liver Transplant which I received on June 16th, 2022. There are really no words that can describe my ultimate GRATITUDE to the Donor and to the Donor Family for sharing GODS gift of Life with me. He (The Donor) and I are now forever connected and we get to share GODS gift of MUSIC with each other and with all Humanity! We are Blessed! We also composed this music in dedication to all the beautiful humans that have and/or will donate their organs for those in NEED! The CD will be released in February 2023 and the Live CD release party/concert will happen April 2023. Blessings Be! BE THE FIRST to Click on the Pic and purchase the download of this cd Project before anyone else. Thank you for your Support!


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THE VINDICATES! 3 New EDM/Dance singles from the 

New Dance/EDM Single by Electric Violinist KIPPY MARKS 

Kippy Marks is proud to bring to you for your listening pleasure The Vindicates EP. 3 NEW FRESH EDM/DANCE SINGLES from his upcoming cd TCOI BOOK 5 "JUSITFY" Show support for your Artist & download and enjoy! Please share with all your friends and family! The Music Videos scheduled to be released fall 2020!

Kippy Marks releases (TCOI) The Chronicles of Izabella book 4 "Fiddlers Respect"  

Book 4. "Fiddlers Respect" of The Chronicles of Izabella is a soundscape of Electric Violin infused with EDM rhythms and vocal chapters of  EDM musical expression from the artist and composer Kippy Marks. The hooks keeps the listener engaged throughout the project and revels the ear to listen and the imagination to soar again and again. Each chapter track connects and unites the project storyline and allows the listener to experience the joy of the artist  Kippy Marks and his violin Izabella. 

Public Relations from the Chronicles of Izabella Book 4 Fiddlers Respect is one of the highlights on this project produced by Kima Exclusive Entertainment. Public Relations caries a melodic hook and ebbs and flow throughout its entirety. The Good Ship highlight some of the different sounds one my hear on a ship. Fiddlers Respect brings a little country fusion to the project. Quick Silver The Message and Silly Petty Pain brings the artist vocal messege to the front line along side a strong violin melodic presence. Each chapter track connects and unites the project storyline and allows the listener to experience the joy of the artist Kippy Marks and his violin Izabella.


Kippy Marks releases a New Dance Hit Single and Video "STOKE THE FIRE MR. FRIENDLY" 

Kippy Marks in conjunction with Mr. Friendly organization www.mrfriendly.org and Kima Exclusive Entertainment www.kippymarks.com is proud to announce the release of the new dance hit single and Video of "Stoke The Fire Mr. Friendly". All proceeds from the sale of this single will go directly to Mr. Friendly organization for LIFE! Please show your support for this ever important and needed organization and go to www.kippymarks.com purchase and download your copy TODAY! and watch and share the video 

Kippy Marks is a powerhouse of an entertainer and is a raising star in the entertainment industry and community. 
Upon relocating to San Francisco, Kippy has been diligent in pursuing his planned goal of assisting in the raising of funds for his communities through his gift of music and his music philanthropy.  

"Music has always been my way of reaching out to my community. It's a wonderful feeling when you can inspire someone, when you can help them experience a little more joy in their day. I love to connect with the audience which is why I love performing live, and why I love improvisation. It's about the energy flow working with the people to create music and the enjoyment of the music at the same time."

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