Kippy Marks plays Pole$exual: Dame of Thrones

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The STUD 399 9th , 399 9th St, San Francisco, California 94103

What is Pole$exual?? It's SF's premiere empowering pole dance, and drag variety show and dance party with performances by all your favorite Polecats and maybe even some brand new ones!!

WINTER HAS COME and just in time for the holidays!! Welcome to Westeros, a place of deciet, cunning and some serious shade. We will have all the characters you love and all the ones you love to hate. This is the night when fantasy meets Poledancing and drag.

Work your best look for our midnight shame walk for some great prizes. The are so many surprises in store this night that not even the Three Eyed Raven can predict them all.

A few of your house diplomats for the night are Suppositori Spelling Johnny Rockit Rita Dambook Kippy Marks Elsa Touche Deathlayne Aurora Rose Dorothy FancysPhuk

And many more to come.....

Your Queen of Thorns for the night .... Ma Shugganuttz!!!!.

And breaking down the walls of sound.... Dakota Pendent ( Resident DJ for Doubletake, Revel, LOVE and Hoe Is Life)

Fantastic Illumination by Urban Tactical Circus

$10 GETS YOU IN and as always FREE in drag and the show starts at 11pm